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Tine van Wel

I swear I use no art at all

Atlas of the Conflict

Vinex Atlas

Atlas Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie

H.N. Werkman. Het complete oeuvre

Findings on Elasticity

208 pp / 200 x 270 mm / paperback / english
category: Art and Design Books
publisher: Lars Mόller Publishers
author: Hester Aardse, Astrid van Baalen
year: 2010
printer: Lecturis

Findings on Elasticity features the work of artists and scientists whose binding interest is elasticity. Their findings range from the quirky, humorous and beautiful, to the mind-bogglingly complex and disturbing.

Dutch Atlas of Vacancy


Zakboek parkeren voor de woonomgeving

In publieke opdracht. Vlaams Bouwmeester 1999–2009


Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam 1908–2008

Findings on Elasticity_cover Findings on Elasticity_34-35 Findings on Elasticity_54-55 Findings on Elasticity_128-129 Findings on Elasticity_136-137 Findings on Elasticity_172-173 Findings on Elasticity_174-175 Findings on Elasticity_176-177