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25.02.2011 Atlas of the Conflict wins Goldene Letter

Today it was announced that Atlas of the Conflict has won the Goldene Letter in the 'Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt' (Best Book Design from all over the World) competition in Leipzig.

The jury judged 596 of the best books from 32 countries. Next to the first prize, the 'Goldene Letter', the jury awarded one golden, two silver and five bronze medals, as well as five honourable mentions. The prizes will be presented at the Leipziger Book Fair on March 18th.

This is what the jury had to say:
“The Israel-Palestine conflict is a highly complex issue and to create an atlas based on it is to make a statement. Its ingenious design in the form of a pocket atlas brings structure and light to the chaos. The reader encounters a bright, magnificently designed book offering insights into the development of regional and state planning. The meticulously drawn charts are every bit as fascinating as the extensive mapping, the documentary photography and the encyclopaedic texts. Typographical hyperlinks join the two chapters and thus mutually complement the cartographic and source material. This book constitutes visual communication of the highest order. An instrument to facilitate understanding, discussion and reflection. Not a gratuitous design book but one which is both essential and eminently usable.”

Author of the Atlas of the Conflict and of its maps and data is Malkit Shoshan. It is published by 010 Publishers, Rotterdam. The book and maps were designed by Studio Joost Grootens. Atlas of the Conflict was printed by Lecturis and bound by Abbringh.

It is the fourth time that Joost Grootens has been honoured a Leipziger award. In 2006 and 2009,  Metropolitan World Atlas and Vinex Atlas won the gold medal, in 2008, the Mondriaan Foundation's Annual Report 2006 received an honourable mention.

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